As a specialist in all areas of notarial activity, we guarantee you comprehensive support for your concerns.

The basis is usually a personal consultation in which the ideas are discussed and the next steps are explained. From this initial consultation, we then oversee the entire process up to the certification and the complete processing of all regulation points. Understanding your questions and concerns are just as important to us as using understandable language in the legal subject areas.

Our employees are at your side with their many years of training and professional experience.



The preparation, notarization and processing of property, house and apartment purchase contracts are part of the core area of ​​notarial work.

We clarify the individual circumstances for the acquisition or sale of your property with you in advance of the notarization, draw up a contract tailored to this and take over the entire process Execution of all upcoming tasks.

Special advice and support require property development contracts with which real estate is sold in the planning and construction stage.

Buying real estate is usually associated with long-term financing. Your bank expects coordinated loan security support and will contact you or the notary's office directly. Our job is to process all pending formalities with your bank and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The establishment of a company, participation of persons in the company, transformations or succession planning in the entrepreneurial area require special specialist knowledge. We advise and support you from the foundation of your company through all restructuring measures to succession planning.

We also assist supervised management companies and alternative investment fund managers in relation with the set-up of Luxembourg investment funds and the ongoing restructuring activities of those funds

Various reasons can be given as to why real estate is transferred to relatives or other people during one's lifetime. Whether it is tax-motivated, makes sense to avoid liability problems or simply serves for early succession planning in the private sector. Contracts between spouses in the real estate sector, in particular, require intensive advice with regard to the overlapping of matrimonial and inheritance law. In a first step, we clarify the legal framework and reasonable design options based on your motive.

Every marriage creates reciprocal rights and obligations about which we would be happy to provide you with comprehensive information in a meeting. It often becomes apparent that the existing legal situation deviates widely from the ideas of the partners and that an adapted regulation makes sense. The notary here shows the creative leeway, discusses possible solutions and ensures that the contract is formulated in a legally secure and fair manner.

In addition to real estate law, inheritance law forms the core area of ​​notarial activity. In the run-up to succession planning, we are careful to convey the statutory inheritance law to you. The pending considerations are necessary, regardless of age, in order to protect relatives and partners and to regulate the outcome of your economic dealings for the time after your death in a meaningful way.